Tree Mapping

The city breathes through urban trees.

Calculate the value trees bring to the city and improve the estimate of maintenance cost with fresh data. Monitor the growth of roadside plants in your city from your desktop. Inspect height, canopy, and trunk diameter.

Trees are an essential component of livable cities. They contribute to urban aesthetics and bring many benefits to human health and environment. Trees:

Absorb CO2

Help regulate water flow

Save energy by cooling
 the city in Summer

Filter air and mitigate dust

Crucial for urban biodiversity

Have positive impact on health of citizens

Trees are the lungs of Smart Cities. Improve your tree management with AI.


Get automatic measurements
of height, crown, and trunk diameter

Cut down on inspection cost
and increase the value of trees for your city

Map frequently to track evolution
and monitor condition
of roadside plants

Improve estimates
of trimming, maintenance,
and insurance costs

tree detection

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