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Geckomatics is your geographical information partner for your public space. Our solution is a toolbox for data acquisition, and information processing and consultation.
Smart Cities, Road Authorities, and businesses need information about locations.

Digital twin of your city

We visualize your city with a point cloud.
A digital twin:

  • gives new insights into city infrastructure
  • allows facilitating collaboration among different stakeholders
  • provides useful data for better planning mobility and safety of public space
  • helps you understand the urban environment of your city
  • assists in urban planning by providing you with relevant data
digital twin - geckomatics point cloud

For that challenge, we have designed our own integrated solution: using a camera for recording, AI algorithms for processing, and a GIS application for geodata management.
These work together seamlessly so you can inspect and manage your city in a digital twin from the comfort of your desktop.

Powerful AI for better information

AI in every step of the process that goes beyond a post-process object recognition.


Fast automated asset inventories

Accurate positioning

360º georeferenced imagery

Web GIS application

User-centered product

Designed for frequent updating

Object measurement

Privacy compliant


Gecko app


Geckomatics GIS (Geographic Information System) application is where you can access your maps and 360 imagery online for fast and smooth inspection. You can filter object layers and export data to other applications. Annotate objects you want on the map and more. Our AI identifies your assets and accurately maps them for you. This gives you powerful insights from your desktop.
Geckomatics app

Why map with us?

High Quality

Accurate positioning
and 360° imagery

Actionable Data

Improve your processes with fresh data

Fast Results

Automated recognition
for prompt insight

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