Geckomatics was founded in 2018.

We are based in Belgium and Poland. Our project map embraces countries in Europe and beyond (Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Israel). Now, 3 years later, the company grew to 5 people, and we are in the process of hiring more team members.

Geckomatics was founded to solve the paradox that demand for high quality, up-to-date geographical information has been steadily growing for years, yet the supply of such data is incapable to deliver. This is due to the lack of innovation in traditional mobile mapping. Geckomatics has redesigned the production of mobile mapping data from scratch and uses advanced Artificial Intelligence in every step of the process to make it faster, more affordable and better. This makes our product more scalable than anything currently on the market.


We redesigned the whole mobile mapping process from scratch. Using a mobile 360º mapping camera on a vehicle, an area is recorded, and this data is sent to our cloud, where our AI does the heavy lifting. What you get in the end is high-quality geodata accessible through our Web application.

Our solution is a combination of AI algorithms doing the work that is traditionally done manually, takes a lot of time and is expensive; hardware, which is a 360º mapping camera; and our Web application where you manage and export the data. They reinforce one another, so improvements in algorithms make the hardware more efficient and vice versa.
Our algorithms detect objects of your need in the recording, measure them, and position them accurately on a map.
What you get is 360º imagery with exportable data about the assets that you can access through our Web GIS application. Every step in the process is GDPR compliant.
Recorded surroundings are rendered into a 3D point cloud.