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Smart City

We believe that every city should have an affordable product to create a map of any object with ease. This is why we provide a tool that helps improve the quality of city life for everyone.

Geckomatics technology improves public space management from traffic signs to garbage collection mapping. Create maps of any physical asset and keep your data up-to-date using our system.



Asset inspections
and inventories




Road quality


Road safety & traffic management

  • Improve road safety by reducing accidents rate
  • Improve mobility with cutting hours of traffic
  • Save time and cost on inspections
  • Reduce repair cost
  • Monitor road quality

Traffic sign detection

Construction tracking

Pothole detection

Maps for mobili
ty planning

Road furniture inventory

Alerts on missing objects

Road markings

Green management

  • Estimate the value trees add to city budget
  • Manage overgrown plants & weeds without manual inspection

Tree inventory

Plan tree culling

Keep trees clean

Monitor size of plants

City mapping

  • Monitor street furniture
  • Monitor decay
  • Improve quality of life for people
  • Zoning inspections

Bus stops inventory

Garbage detection

Street lights

Illegal parking



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