Some Cases


Geckomatics was the data collection technology provider for the Vebimobe project. The aim of this research project was to design an intelligent transportation system using field infrastructure data. An ITS like this could be used for sustainable transportation, for example by avoiding school areas.


Geckomatics Artificial Intelligence is used by Vitence to map of mobility related assets like bus stop inventories. This data is used in applications that help management of public road infrastructure and transport management.

Object recognition and accurate positioning have significant impact on efficiency and cost.


Geckomatics provided the technology solution to help Eurotoll with the calibration of their new Onboard Unit for toll registration. Using this geodata as reference, precision of toll registration was improved, leading to lower error tolerance.


We did a custom project in Brussels to make a dynamic noise map. Using an electric vehicle to prevent parasitic noise we recorded urban sounds. The aim is to create complementary data to existing noise assessment methods, which are usually from static microphones.

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