Our Projects

Gdańsk Port (2019)

The Port of Gdańsk is the fastest growing port in the Baltic Sea. It has doubled its capacity over the past ten years and is planning to double it again over the next ten years. That is why the port needs effective asset management and infrastructure monitoring which is made possible by Geckomatics. We enable regular mapping to keep track of changes of assets like bollards, ladders and fenders on the quay walls and electricity cabinets, hydrants and lamp posts on land. For this, the mapping camera can be used on a boat just as easily as on a car.

Vitence (2019)

Vitence advises on public transport and mobility infrastructure. In 2019, Geckomatics helped Vitence update information on mobility-related assets. The goal was to conduct an inventory of 3000+ bus stops and improve geospatial data for Utrecht province in the Netherlands (you can access the map here). Such data on accessibility and bus stop amenities can be used to inform citizens and businesses as well as to help municipal authorities effectively manage infrastructure development. For this project, AI developed by Geckomatics allowed time and cost efficiency of the inventory process as well as the quality of the
geospatial data.

Noisemap (2018)

Geckomatics did a custom IoT project in Brussels to make a dynamic noise map. The project was sponsored by OrganiCity. Since noise is one of the environmental factors that have the most negative impact on the quality of life in cities, it is the issue cities need to resolve. However, finding solutions starts with spreading awareness, where creating a noise map is the first step. Using an electric vehicle to prevent parasitic noise, we recorded urban sounds that were later analysed and classified. Thus, Geckomatics helped to create complementary data to existing noise assessment methods e.g. static microphones recordings.

Vebimobe (2017)

Geckomatics provided data collection technology for The Expertise Center Smart Mobility’s project “Vebimobe”. The Expertise Center Smart Mobility supports and guides organizations, cities, research centers and service providers in their plans to create a sustainable, innovative mobility for the transport. The aim of the project was to design an Intelligent Transportation System using field infrastructure data. Such transportation system could be used for sustainable transportation where drivers automatically receive recommendations on driving speed and routing. The recommendations could reduce the road accident rate and improve navigation systems. For this, Geckomatics helped to update the Flemish traffic sign database. Our camera recorded information which our system then converted to geodata of traffic signs positioning.

Eurotoll (2017)

Eurotoll assists carriers and road professionals in the management and control of their tolls and tax expenses. In 2017, Geckomatics provided the technology solution to help Eurotoll with the calibration of their new Onboard Unit for toll registration. In this project, the geodata was used as a reference in order to improve the precision of toll registration and, therefore, to lower error tolerance.