Easy inventories
and asset management

Making cities smarter
Mobile mapping for cities and businesses that need highly accurate up-to-date maps and inventories.
What we can do for you?
We give you insights on assets to improve city management and urban planning.
Support your workflow with actionable information.

Our product

Geckomatics camera

We designed a portable camera that you can attach to any vehicle on the land or on the water. Mount it, push the power button, and drive around the territory you need to map. Upload the video to our cloud and our AI will
process it.
Gecko camera

Easy to deploy
No special training needed. Mounting on your vehicle is a plug and play affair. Our ruggedised design withstands weather and shocks

A small street, a whole country, or anything in between – we designed our system with scalability in mind

High-quality data
Video is full HD quality with adequate precision. Use your data on its own or import it in your GIS for further processing

Geckomatics web app

Access your maps anytime through our GIS (Geographic Information System) application. Select object layers to appear on the map. Filter objects by the mapping date. Get notified about
missing assets.
Gecko app
Geckomatics web app



Full HD 360 degree imagery

Object recognition

Triangulation & accurate positioning

Powerful scalable cloud computing

One-time and frequent mapping

Exportable data of your own assets

GDPR compliant


Can Geckomatics also do indoor mapping?

We focus on outdoor mapping.

How are we different from other mapping solutions?

Geckomatics is an A-Z solution built on AI. Using our proprietary mapping camera and cloud computing system, geographical information is collected faster and with better accuracy.

Why not using LiDAR?

With LiDAR, mappings don’t happen frequently enough, and data becomes obsolete. A ‘camera-only’ system is more convenient and affordable. Our algorithms create point-clouds of competitive quality.

What about GDPR?

Geckomatics uses privacy by design. We are compliant with all requirements – the system automatically blurs faces, license plates, and other private data. Data is securely stored in a protected cloud environment. Contact us if you have any privacy concerns.

More questions?

Meet Us

Bert Cattoor

Founder and CEO

Joren Van Severen

Founder and CTO

Jakub Miksa

Machine Learning Engineer

Karina Kovalenko

Marketing Manager

Abhyuday Singh

Full-Stack Web Developer