about geckomatics

Geckomatics is a custom camera based and AI powered mobile mapping system. It enables you to create geographical information without the usual overhead and cost. Geckomatics is designed for ease of use and high applicability. It can easily be mounted on a variety of vehicles, producing georeferenced video to be analysed in our cloud. The efficiency of the system means you can produce geodata according to your needs, avoiding obsolete data in your workflow. It is the perfect system for making inventories of assets like signposts, for example.

The system is designed for simplicity yet a deceptively powerful for your mapping needs. Below are some possibilities:


Object Mapping

Public road infrastructure: make maps of signposts, street furniture, potholes, vegetation and so on.


Railway infrastructure: make maps of signs, assets, conditions.

First mapping

Unmapped areas: make maps of new roads, make inventories of brownfields. Map new territory anywhere in the world.

Site mapping

Document assets in industrial sites, open mines, plantations – for operations, safety, compliance.