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AI power to understand your city infrastructure

Create digital inventories and keep them fresh.

Map traffic signs, trees, street furniture.

Get road quality insight.

Asset management and mobility planning with ease

save time GeckomaticsSave time
on inspections and inventories

save cost Geckomatics

Reduce cost
with accurate asset insight

Minimise manual work.

Power up with AI.

Geckomatics builds mobile mapping systems powered by Machine Learning to identify objects and position them accurately.

Artificial intelligence recognises assets like traffic signs, trees, street furniture, and many more. You get actionable spatial info about your city or highway.

Mobile mapping has never been better.

Geckomatics cameras can be attached to any land-based or water-based vehicle. Our AI processes the imagery automatically. Choose the types of objects to inspect, and access your digital map anytime.

AI mobile mapping solutions

How it works

Geckomatics step one


Attach our mobile camera to any vehicle, drive around, and record the route you need to map.
What you see is what you map.

Geckomatics step two


Upload the recordings to the cloud.
Once the data has been seamlessly synced to the cloud, it is processed by state of the art AI.
Scalable Cloud computing extracts the information you need.

Geckomatics step three


Use your data in our web GIS or interface with the application of your choice.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreement No. 836317.